1661 Tanglewood

There is a reverence for the Tanglewood neighborhood—so close to the emotional heart of Houston. We are dedicated to its continuing stewardship.
Kendall A. Miller
President & CEO, Tanglewood Corporation

Patiently held in reserve for more than seventy years as a cornerstone of the Tanglewood neighborhood, 1661 Tanglewood will rise as a proud encore to the oak trees, curved streets and broad boulevards that brought suburbia to the Houston prairie. Building on a proud family tradition of bold vision, this luxury residential tower will offer mansions in the sky accommodating every comfort of urban living, the latest landmark in the continuing story of Tanglewood. Classical architecture conveyed through generous proportions of grand space, elegant appointments, meticulous craftsmanship, and dedicated staff. Timeless. Exclusive. Permanent. Welcome to 1661 Tanglewood.